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Wondering if we can help you? This comprehensive evaluation is your first step to clarity and sleep recovery.

Identify Sleep Obstacles

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Poor Sleep is a Puzzle to Be Solved

There are multiple sources of insomnia. Many sufferers fail to find relief because they are attacking the wrong source. If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to restore healthy sleep, our exclusive Guided Sleep Discovery system is for you.

Solving the puzzle begins here.

Your journey towards healthy sleep starts with a private Guided Sleep Discovery® interview. You will meet with one of our clinical insomnia specialists – a licensed healthcare provider with specialized training in evaluating and treating insomnia and other sleep problems. Each of our insomnia specialists is personally trained by our founder and director, Dr. Robert N. Glidewell.

This first appointment lasts between 30 and 90 minutes. During this appointment, your insomnia specialist will guide you through our exclusive system designed to identify all the causes of your sleep problem and create a personalized Sleep Recovery Plan.

Identify the Causes of Your Sleep problem

Alongside your insomnia specialist, you will examine these 12 sources of insomnia to pinpoint which are most important for you:


Insomnia and Sleeplessness

Insomnia comes in many shapes and sizes. Determining the “shape” of your sleep (or lack of it) is the first step of the sleep discovery process.



Good stress. Bad Stress. We all have it. We’ll help you understand your stress and how it may be leaking out in your sleep.


Sleep Apnea

If you have stubborn insomnia you may have silent (or not so silent) sleep apnea. We’ll help you learn if breathing at night is a problem for you.

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Do you act like a good sleeper? Better or worse, the things you do while awake influence the level of bliss and restoration you experience during sleep.



Stubborn insomnia problems are often happiness problems. Work, finances, health, family, or relationships, life dissatisfaction has a funny way of disrupting sleep.


Nightmares, Sleepwalking, and Unusual Stuff

Some things that happen during sleep can be dangerous, mysterious and frightening. When you know how sleep works they usually make sense.


Sleepiness and Fatigue

When do you feel at your best? When do you feel at your worst? Are you sleepy or just tired? There’s a difference and it’s important.


Circadian Rhythms (Body Clock)

A powerful internal clock controls your sleep pattern. Solving your sleep problem requires understanding of this clock and how to reset it.


Movements and Sleep

Legs keep you awake? What are they up to while you’re sleeping? We’ll reveal key signs of Restless Legs Syndrome and “wiggles” that make sleep unrefreshing.


Health and Illness

Chronic pain, depression and other health problems interfere with sleep, but illness does not equal insomnia. You can sleep better despite these problems.


Cafeine, Alcohol, and Other Stuff

Good, bad, or ugly, what you put in your body affects your sleep. Caffeine? Alcohol? Marijuana? Your habits can lead to blissful nights and vibrant days…or not.

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Sleep Medication

Sleeping pills can be a blessing and a curse. Nobody wants to be dependent on a pill. Are you addicted? Can you get free of them? Is that even a good idea?

Create a Sleep Recovery Plan

Once we have identified the specific causes of your sleep problem, you will work with your insomnia specialist to create a plan with specific recommendations for addressing each one.

Your personalized plan may include:

Poor Sleep is Too Expensive to Ignore

Insomnia has taken enough from you already. It has likely drained your energy, strangled your work performance, and shortened your attention. Maybe it has even stolen special moments with your family or friends. Don’t ignore it. Start your sleep transformation today.

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Take the first step toward healthy natural sleep with a private Guided Sleep Discovery interview. During this appointment, you will gain a deeper understanding of your sleep problems and receive a personalized sleep recovery plan.

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