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I enjoyed working with Dr. Glidewell over the course of nearly a year. We had a guided sleep recovery program (i.e. a regularly scheduled program with defined steps -- not just a-la-carte appointments). Dr. Glidewell does a good job of holding you accountable without being abrasive or impatient. He won't hesitate to speak if he thinks you're losing discipline, but he presents information in such a way that it's clear that he's giving feedback in the context of what's scientifically proven to improve sleep. I didn't feel personally judged during our sessions, and Dr. Glidewell is good about giving context to his recommendations. As an example, when I'd have a few bad nights (i.e. even if I tried all our usual strategies and failed), he'd reassure me about how the habits we were building would result in better sleep long-term. He had detail, scientific evidence, and factored in my specific context. He was reasonable in his expectations, without being too casual or laissez-faire about it. He was consistent, too, and having a reliable idea of how he'd respond helped ground me in my progress over the course of our program. It gave me the confidence to go into each night with a positive outlook towards sleep, and I felt that even if I had a bad night or two, that I didn't have to worry about every night. My experience bore this out, too, as my sleep improved markedly during our time working together. In terms of style, I'd say that he stays more on-script than off. He listened to me, though, and he used the feedback I gave about my sleep habits/patterns to inform how he presented strategies and recommendations. The CBT aspect of the program was a little prescriptive, and I would occasionally want to talk my way through issues before moving toward ways to improve, but I came to a doctor in large part because I couldn't just talk my way out of insomnia. I wanted a more scientific approach, and so his style worked for me. As a result of our sessions, I've learned more about what I can do to sleep better. I've made a few lifestyle changes, and (unsurprisingly) the more disciplined I've been, the more my results have improved. I'd recommend Dr. Glidewell to others looking to improve their experience with sleep. He does ask for commitment, but anyone with serious problems should look for a provider who takes their problems seriously. He meets that expectation, and I got what I was looking for during our work together: namely, better sleep.

Michael Hellman January 30, 2023

Prior to coming to the Sleep Clinic, I had been struggling with getting any amount of quality sleep for months. I could only manage 4-5 hours of sleep per night, and that was waking up every 60-90 minutes. I tried both prescription and OTC meds for sleep, but nothing worked. I have been a client of the Sleep Clinic now for 6-7 months now, I am sleeping 7-8 hours every night and I only wake up once or twice per night. I have learned so much about Sleep and how important it is for overall health and recovery. The methods and practices Dr. Glidewell and his team use are very effective and produce results. Now I admit, I was skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves. IF you are willing to put in the time and effort, (and yes, there is some effort and work you will need to do) the outcome will be well worth it. With the vast improvement in my sleep over the past 3-4 months, I am now more focused, alert and feel much more energized each day. If you truly want to improve your sleep and really, the overall quality of your life, go and see what Dr. Glidewell and his team can do for you!

ross meilleur January 28, 2023
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Sherry B's Sleep Story

I actually feel way more rested in the morning when I get up. I still go to sleep within 15-20 minutes and it’s kind of like, kind of shocking, that I am able to wake up in the morning and not feel ran over. It’s just a wonderful feeling. (Click Sherry's photo to watch her full story.)  

Sherry B. December 21, 2022

I love that the doctor teaching the class has 20+ years of sleep research experience, she was amazing and gave explanation for everything she taught and recommended. She was available for multiple questions after the seminar. Within 1 month of the seminar, my sleep is 1000x better than it was, I am nearly completely better and it continues to get better. I am forever grateful. I was getting zero to 30 minutes of sleep most nights, it was awful. Thank you!

Mindy Bush November 1, 2022

The Insomnia Clinic is dedicated to helping you with your sleep problems. When I first started there, I wasn't sure anything would help. I am here to tell you it does work. I am so grateful for Dr.Glidewell. He and his staff are awesome to work with and there at any time you need them. Please if you need help with sleep this is the place to go.

Sherry Burnette October 20, 2022

I have trouble going to sleep waking up and staying awake.

Jack Alter Sr. October 6, 2022

Dr Okun is a wealth of information at her craft. Well presented info from a true professional. I can't speak to the results yet but look forward to executing her plan of action.

Aaron Brown October 6, 2022
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Jeannette M. - Finding the Strength and Motivation to Overcome Over 15 Years of Insomnia.

I am so thankful to The Insomnia Clinic and my personal therapist who helped me through all this. And I know that if I do have a slip up, I can always return and get additional help. I thank them so much for everything they’ve done and I would recommend them to anybody that has a sleep insomnia. (Click Jeannette's avatar to listen to her full story.)

Jeannette M. June 29, 2022
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I. G. (Verified Patient)
I. G. (Verified Patient) May 2, 2022

Dr. Glidewell has truly been a Godsend for me. My issue was bad dreams, more than not sleeping. I was dedicated to do what he assigned to me every couple weeks. I have completed his program and I'm soooooo much better. Thank you Dr. and I recommend him to anyone who is truly dedicated to getting better because of better sleep!!!

Michelle Firebaugh April 14, 2022

Dr Glidewell knows insomnia inside and out. He gave me the tools to improve my sleep and do this myself. I am now getting restful sleep. I highly recommend the Insomnia Clinic.

Steve Lang March 15, 2022

I struggled for years from insomnia due to overtraining and saw a few providers for this without much benefit. I also tried many things on my own without success. After working with Dr. Glidewell, I feel I am finally well on the road to recovery. Dr. Glidewell is excellent with walking you through practical steps to recovery and is A+ on follow-up. I would highly recommend him if you're having issues with your sleep!

Nicholas Peterson February 8, 2022
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Mike R.'s Personal Sleep Story

It’s hard to describe how much better my life is. It’s also hard to describe how impactful insomnia can be. I’m a pretty upbeat, positive person, but it just wears you down over time, you just get kind of foggy and it starts to mess with your personality and some of your relationships. Now I have confidence when I go to sleep. (Click Mike's photo to watch his full story.)

Mike R. February 3, 2022

I have had a very successful recovery from my insomnia with help from the Insomnia Clinic. They have a multi faceted approach that is scientifically proven with multiple studies to back it up. It is great to be sleeping sound again. Thank you!

tim schwartz February 1, 2022

I was very pleased with the work of Shannon Guernsey at the Insomnia Clinic. I made tremendous progress in overcoming insomnia. Thanks Shannon!

Robert Meyer January 26, 2022
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