What We Do

Our Guided Sleep DiscoveryTM programs help you understand your sleep problem and craft a plan to solve it. Our Sleep Transformation TrainingTM programs teach the scientifically proven process of reversing changes in the brain caused by insomnia, strengthening your natural sleep systems, and removing obstacles to healthy sleep.

The Pathway to Healthy Sleep

Everything we do at the insomnia clinic is revolves around our two exclusive systems of Guided Sleep Discovery and Sleep Transformation training. Through our unique combination of workshops, personalized coaching, and
one-on-one clinical care, we are committed to helping you rediscover blissful sleep that energizes you for living your best life. When you participate in our training or clinical programs, you can be confident that:

● We can help you uncover the unique factors driving your insomnia.
● We truly recognize the power of non-medication choices to cure insomnia.
● We deeply understand the real impact of poor sleep on health and happiness.
● We work from a thorough understanding of the science of sleep and insomnia.
● We respect sleep medication as a temporary solution with the potential for addiction and unwanted negative effects.

12 Sources Insomnia

Understand your sleep problem and find your sleep solution.

  • Insomnia and Sleeplessness

    Insomnia comes in many shapes and sizes. Determining the “shape” of your sleep (or lack of it) is the first step of the sleep discovery process.

  • Stress

    Good stress. Bad Stress. We all have it. We’ll help you understand your stress and how it may be leaking out in your sleep.

  • Sleep Apnea

    If you have stubborn insomnia you may have silent (or not so silent) sleep apnea. We’ll help you learn if breathing at night is a problem for you.

  • Lifestyle

    Do you act like a good sleeper? Better or worse, the things you do while awake influence the level of bliss and restoration you experience during sleep.

  • (un)Happiness

    Stubborn insomnia problems are often happiness problems. Work, finances, health, family, or relationships, life dissatisfaction has a funny way of disrupting sleep.

  • Nightmares, Sleepwalking, and Unusual Stuff

    Some things that happen during sleep can be dangerous, mysterious and frightening. When you know how sleep works they usually make sense.

  • Sleepiness and Fatigue

    When do you feel at your best? When do you feel at your worst? Are you sleepy or just tired? There’s a difference and it’s important.

  • Circadian Rhythms (Body Clock)

    A powerful internal clock controls your sleep pattern. Solving your sleep problem requires understanding of this clock and how to reset it.

  • Movements and Sleep

    Legs keep you awake? What are they up to while you’re sleeping? We’ll reveal key signs of Restless Legs Syndrome and “wiggles” that make sleep unrefreshing.

  • Health and Illness

    Chronic pain, depression and other health problems interfere with sleep, but illness does not equal insomnia. You can sleep better despite these problems.

  • Cafeine, Alcohol, and Other Stuff

    Good, bad, or ugly, what you put in your body affects your sleep. Caffeine? Alcohol? Marijuana? Your habits can lead to blissful nights and vibrant days…or not.

  • Sleep Medication

    Sleeping pills can be a blessing and a curse. Nobody wants to be dependent on a pill. Are you addicted? Can you get free of them? Is that even a good idea?

10 Sources Sleep Transformation

A clear path to your best sleep for your best life.

Immediately learn changes in sleep behavior proven to quickly break down insomnia and boost the power of your natural sleep systems.

Learn the secrets of sleep that give you the power to control insomnia. When you know how sleep works, you can restore a highly satisfying sleep pattern.

Take effective action to eliminate any barriers to sleep identified during your sleep discovery process.

Rapid Insomnia Relief

Breaking Down Barriers

Understaning Sleep

Develop advanced skills for bringing stillness to the mind and body so your natural sleep systems can effortlessly take over at night.

Begin using your mind and body throughout the day in a way that generates maximum need for peaceful restorative sleep.

Uncover the thoughts and beliefs about sleep that fuel insomnia and replace them with those of a great sleeper.

The Art of Doing Nothing

Enhanced Recovery Demand

Mind of a Great Sleeper

Life satisfaction equals sleep satisfaction. Cultivate techniques for building joy and satisfaction in relationships, at work, in your mind, and in your body.

Working with your prescriber, we help you craft a plan for stopping sleep medication safely, while maintaining a satisfying sleep pattern.

Everyday habits give you the best chance for a good night’s sleep. Keeping healthy habits won’t fix insomnia, but they will support your sleep transformation.

Growing Happiness

Medication Escape Plan

Healthy Sleep Habits

Create a strategy for maintaining optimal sleep long-term in the face of future challenges life will inevitably present.

Insomnia Prevention Training

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