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Get answers to common questions about our natural insomnia treatment process, pricing, and more.

Call to schedule a private Guided Sleep Discovery interview. The Guided Sleep Discovery process is the starting point at The Insomnia Clinic. During this process we’ll work together to understand your sleep problem, figure out if we can help you, and come up with a plan for restoring healthy sleep. Just give us a call or send us an email using one of the forms on the website. We can answer any questions you have and help you get scheduled.

We specialize in helping you understand your sleep problem and identify specific solutions for restoring healthy natural sleep. We do this through brief educational workshops as well as one-on-one clinical treatment using our exclusive Guided Sleep Discovery® and Sleep Recovery® training programs. These programs are designed from scientifically-based nonmedication procedures for retraining natural sleep systems including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia or CBT-I and many other well researched approaches.

The fee for the first appointment is $199. The cost of treatment varies depending on your individual needs. An insomnia specialist will be able to give you an estimate of treatment costs at the end of your first visit, when they know more about your unique situation.

We do not accept insurance. However, many of our patients get reimbursement from their health insurance, health savings account, or flexible spending account for our services.

Ready to get started? The first step is to complete a $199 Guided Sleep Discovery interview, which will help us understand your sleep problem, figure out how we can help you, and come up with a plan for restoring healthy sleep.

Call our office (719-373-0051) and we’ll help you get scheduled.

Although we don’t have a magic wand, our Guided Sleep Discovery and Sleep Recovery Training programs are effective for 70-80% of patients who complete them.

On Average, Sleep Recovery Training involves 6-12 visits with an insomnia specialist. Although your sleep may start to improve in 3-6 weeks, full recovery from insomnia and minimizing risk for future episodes of insomnia usually takes a few months.

We do not prescribe medications. If you’re on medications already, we will work with your existing prescriber to coordinate ongoing use of these medications if appropriate. We also specialize in working with you and your prescriber to achieve healthy sleep while reducing or eliminating use of sleep medications.

No. As long as it is acceptable to your prescriber, we prefer to have you continue your sleep medication unchanged until we can get you sleeping well. Once you’re sleeping well with medication, we then collaborate with your prescriber to slowly reduce your medication while maintaining a healthy sleep pattern. This can usually be done without withdrawal symptoms or other negative effects.

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Take the first step toward healthy natural sleep with a private Guided Sleep Discovery interview. During this appointment, you will gain a deeper understanding of your sleep problems and receive a personalized sleep recovery plan.

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