Sleep Training Workshops

Sleep Training Workshops

This 4-Hour Workshop will help you restore the healthy, natural sleep you need for living your best life.

Reverse Poor Sleep

Strengthen Your Sleep System

Break Down Sleep Obstacles

Is CBT-I Sleep Training Right for Me?

Here are some common experiences of insomnia that can be addressed through this workshop. If you experience two or more, CBT-I sleep training may help you sleep better.

Great sleep is not a mystery.

This 4-hour workshop is based on more than 30 years of sleep science. There are more than 100 published studies showing the power of  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) methods for quickly restoring healthy sleep without pills.

In this training, an insomnia specialist will teach you the proven strategies for eliminating poor sleep and training your mind and body for healthy sleep. You will learn everything you need to know to reverse poor sleep, strengthen your natural sleep system, and break down obstacles to healthy, natural sleep.

What You'll Learn

Much more than “sleep hygiene” or “healthy sleep behaviors,” here is what you’ll learn in this workshop:

Rapid Relief - Part 1

Your sleep schedule controls the power of your sleep system. Learn how to temporarily change your sleep schedule to boost sleep power and get deeper, less broken sleep.

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Enhanced Recovery Demand

Sleep is essential for recovery and restoration of the body and brain. Learn to use your mind and body in a way that generates maximum need for peaceful restorative sleep.

The Ridiculous Art of Doing Nothing

Sleep is the ultimate “letting go.” Learn advanced methods for bringing stillness to the mind and body so your natural sleep systems can effortlessly take over.


Mind of a Great Sleeper

Poor sleep can really do a number on your mind. Deepen your understanding of sleep and combat the most troubling thoughts and beliefs that lead you to “dread the bed” and doubt your ability to sleep.

Rapid Relief - Part 2

What you do when you can’t sleep can make your sleep problem better or worse. Learn exactly what to do when you can’t sleep so you can break the cycle of poor sleep.

Healthy Sleep Habits

What’s the latest you should drink caffeine? What about dinner? Do you have to eliminate every ray of light from your bedroom? What about smartphones and tablets in bed? Learn the healthy habits that support satisfying sleep.

Does Sleep Training Work?

In 2013, a group from Kaiser Permanente published results in the journal SLEEP showing that participants who attended a single sleep training workshop experienced these benefits:

Two Easy Ways to Get this 4-Hour CBT-I Sleep Training

Live Workshops


Recorded Workshops


Don’t like groups? Get recorded webinars you can watch online anywhere, anytime.

Learn From a True Sleep Expert

Michele Okun, PhD

Director, Sleep Education and Training

Dr. Okun has over 20 years of experience researching, studying, and teaching the importance of healthy sleep. She received her doctoral degree in Health and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Colorado Denver in 2005. She then moved to Pittsburgh, PA, for a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship and joined the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Psychiatry in 2008.

In 2014, Dr. Okun returned to Colorado to continue her research on sleep and pregnancy and to join the faculty of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs as the Director of Clinical and Biobehavioral Research.

Dr. Okun has authored or co-authored over four dozen scientific articles and book chapters.

insomnia specialist Dr. Okun

Reviews & Testimonials

Great workshop where we were given the tools to improve our sleep in a sustainable way. It might not be easy, but it will be worth it. Michele Okun, PhD, is knowledgeable and laid out a common sense understanding of good sleep vs. insomnia and how one gets to this point. Looking forward to good results!

Janie H.

Great class with critically important content, taught by an amazing professional. Thanks.

Katy H.

Although I thought it was necessary to go into this sleep training with a positive attitude, I have to admit that I was worried it wouldn’t work.  I have literally struggled with insomnia for as long as I can remember….I made the decision to actively work on my sleep, because I appreciate how critical sleep is to our overall health. I have to say since I started, I have had more good night’s sleep than I can remember….I am beyond happy about this.  I feel better, I am thinking better, I have more patience with everyone, including my kids….

Julie R.

I took the sleep workshop with Dr. Okun. I learned so much and it was comforting to know many other people have the same issue and I’m not alone. Dr. Okun is highly knowledgeable about this topic and made the 4-hour class enjoyable. I’m implementing the strategies I learned and one week into it, I’m sleeping better and feel hopeful I can manage insomnia.

Grace R.

I thought I knew everything there was to know about insomnia after struggling with it for so many years, but not so! After attending a recent workshop led by Michele Okun, PhD, from the Insomnia Clinic in Colorado Springs, I am feeling very hopeful and empowered that I can tame this beast! Michele did an awesome job educating the participants. Thank you, Michele, I’m so glad my primary doctor suggested I attend!

Marsha T.

Lots of good, usable and practical information about dealing with and overcoming insomnia. I’ve already implemented the 14-day challenge. While some of the information was known to me (I have researched insomnia for years), much of it was brand new. It helped to be with other people dealing with insomnia and hearing how they’re trying to overcome this issue.

Kevin C.

Ten days after attending a sleep improvement workshop, my sleep has already gotten better. The instructors were very patient and understanding, and gave us great usable tips that are making an impact on my sleep as well as my professional life. I’m looking forward to more improvements!

Kevin C.

The presenter, Dr. Michelle Okun, was very professional and yet personable. I greatly appreciated being able to ask questions and to make commentary. She was lively, enthusiastic, and well-informed. It was a wonderful experience. I had to call her today with a question and she responded quickly. I recommend this seminar to anyone with troubles sleeping.

Julie S.

Very Informative. Gave some good information. Lots of help and tips for sleeping better. I will try and implement these ideas.

Kathryn A.

Guaranteed Badge

We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with this training. If you are not 100% satisfied with the CBT-I Sleep Training for any reason, simply call us for a full refund.

Two Easy Ways to Get this 4-Hour CBT-I Sleep Training

Live Workshops


Recorded Workshops


Don’t like groups? Get this training with recorded webinars you can watch online anywhere, anytime.

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