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Drugs aren't a healthy, long-term solution.

Dependence on sleep medication is real and can be hard to break. The prospect of attempting to get free of sleep medications is usually a source of anxiety or even outright fear. We understand how sleep medications work and we know how to support you in getting free of them while maintaining a healthy, satisfying sleep pattern.

You can sleep unmedicated.

Many of our clients and students come to The Insomnia Clinic because they’ve experienced the frustration of being dependent on sleep medications. Patients also seek our help out of legitimate concern about the dangers to health and memory that come with the prolonged use of sleep medications.

Our clinical, coaching, and training programs include education and support for reducing or even eliminating sleep medication use. This process involves a slow stepping down of medications while following your Sleep Recovery Plan to strengthen your natural sleep system and remove obstacles to healthy sleep. In many cases, we collaborate with your medication prescriber to create a plan for stopping medication safely while maintaining a healthy, satisfying sleep pattern.

Medicated Sleep ≠ Healthy, Natural Sleep

 You may actually sleep better once you’re free of sleep medication.

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