Our Story

My personal evolution inspired me to create The Insomnia Clinic. Although sleep medications play and important role in healthcare, the traditional approach to insomnia is not working.

So What’s My Story?

I’m a perfectionist. I’m also an ex-insomniac. I know how hard it is to be the person you want to be and live the life you want to live when poor sleep makes you so terribly tired, moody, and unmotivated.I spent the first 30 years of my life struggling with insomnia and I know the way out.

I understand you don’t want to think about your sleep, that you just want to focus on living your best life. But it’s not that easy. When you have insomnia it can seem impossible to make plans without worrying about sleep. I understand mixed feelings about fixing insomnia.

You must do something; your best life is at stake. You don’t want a pill to sleep but what else can you do? Everyone seems to have advice. “Try this, it worked for me.” “Try that, my mother-in-law loves it.”

Everyone seems to have something to sell. It’s easy to get jaded, confused and frustrated. This IS why I’ve spent the last 10 years crafting a clear path that’s proven to deliver sleep transformation. I personally know the process of sleep transformation is simple but not easy. It’s challenging and you’re not sure exactly what to do or if you’re doing it right. You worry about making the problem worse and you’re not like everyone else. The cookie cutter plan doesn’t work for you. This is why I’ve filled the insomnia clinic with expert guides who can show you the path of sleep transformation and walk that path with you, building you up when doubt creeps in and holding you accountable when the demands of sleep transformation get tough. I know there is a solution to every sleep problem. I know this because I found my own sleep solution and since that time I’ve helped thousands of others find their solution. I created the insomnia clinic to help you understand YOUR sleep problem and find YOUR sleep solution.

My Journey From Insomniac to Insomina Expert

I’ve been studying sleep and insomnia since 2004, but my story begins much earlier. My own journey out of insomnia and into the field of sleep healthcare has shaped my understanding of the challenges of solving the puzzle of poor sleep within our healthcare system. If you ask my mother, she’ll tell you about the countless nights spent awake with her baby boy who never wanted to sleep (this didn’t bother me nearly as much as it bothered her). But as I grew older my refusal to sleep turned into an inability to sleep. As I went on to start a military career and a family, insomnia was a constant companion. I learned what it’s like to force myself through day after day as sleeplessness drained away the enthusiasm and energy for vibrant living. What I realize now is that all my efforts and the efforts of my doctors and counselors to restore healthy sleep were lacking a fundamental understanding of natural sleep and how it goes awry. What’s also clear is that I did the best I could with the knowledge and tools I had available. For that matter, my healthcare providers also did their best. All their recommendations and prescriptions were appropriate and represented the standard of care at the time. However, none of this led me out of insomnia.

Discovery: Personal Sleep Transformation

Then I made a discovery that has shaped my life ever since. In the spring of 2003 I was in the middle of my doctoral training. A class on abnormal psychology and another research paper. The assignment? Pick a category of mental disorders, write a paper on it and make a presentation to the class. When I saw sleep disorders on the list I jumped at the chance to learn more. There was no other aspect of “abnormal psychology” more relevant to me personally. I ultimately wrote several papers on sleep and insomnia throughout graduate school.

Although the papers I wrote were clinical and “scientifically” my experiences around what I learned were deeply personal. I took what I learned about cognitive-behavioral treatments (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or CBT-I) for insomnia (what I now call sleep transformation training) and began to follow them intensely in full perfectionist mode. I changed my sleep schedules. I changed the way I responded when I couldn’t sleep. I began to understand my circadian rhythm and how to manipulate my internal clock. This mysterious problem called insomnia now made sense. What’s more amazing, I began to experience a powerful sense of confidence and control around my sleep.As I write this, it’s been more than 10 years since I stumbled on this insomnia cure and experienced my own sleep transformation. Much of what I learned and used to overcome my own insomnia we now teach at The Insomnia Clinic. I still struggle from time to time (believe it or not, some insomnia is normal) but my sleep and my life have been better ever since.

Birth of the Insomnia Clinic

I wasn’t satisfied with my own sleep transformation. Why had I spent the first 30 years of my life struggling when the answer to my struggle with sleep had been available since the 1970’s? On the heels of my personal sleep transformation I was energized to become a world class expert on insomnia and sleep disorders. My training as a psychologist became laser focused. I looked at thousands of scientific studies. I attended training and conferences. I started my own original research and published in sleep medicine, family medicine, and neurology journals. I began training primary care, sleep medicine, and mental health providers. I started a private practice and began treating 100s of insomniacs per year. It was this decade of study and experience with thousands of insomniacs that led me to create the systems of Guided Sleep Discovery™ and Sleep Transformation Training™ at the heart of The Insomnia Clinic™.

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