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Insomnia is hard to overcome alone.

The problem of insomnia can be complicated, frustrating, and frightening. This is especially true in the face of dependence on sleep medications. When you come to The Insomnia Clinic, you get personalized sleep training and one-on-one support focused on helping you take control of insomnia.

Our proven process provides the tools and support you need.

Once you have completed the Guided Sleep Discovery interview and created your Sleep Recovery Plan, it’s time to get to work. Throughout your Sleep Recovery Training program, your insomnia specialist personally guides you through the scientifically proven process of reversing brain changes caused by insomnia, strengthening your natural sleep system, and removing obstacles to great sleep.

Your insomnia specialist will provide clear instruction on how to start each aspect of your plan. You will then follow-up with your specialist on a regular basis to monitor successes, identify obstacles, and continuously modify and adjust your plan until you’re sleeping better.

Reviews & Testimonials

Since it has been some months since I last saw you, I wanted to give you an update on my sleep. It is very good news! I routinely sleep 6-8 hours each night. Most nights I am unaware of awakening during the night. I feel so much better now. Very few things in my life have had such a great impact.

Joni F.

I just passed the one-year mark of being completely off of ANY sleep medication!!!! Your program really works! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You changed my life!

Cheri C.

I didn’t know what to expect. I needed a professional to point me in the right direction. Now I go to sleep when I’m tired. I still wake up, but I’m able to fall back asleep. I don’t even think about taking pills anymore. I gained confidence. It didn’t take long. It’s been great.

Mikeal T.

What to Expect with Sleep Recovery Training

 Every insomnia specialist at our clinic has been personally trained by Dr. Robert Glidewell to offer these benefits and more:

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Expert Training

Your sleep schedule controls the power of your sleep system. Learn how to temporarily change your sleep schedule to boost sleep power and get deeper, less broken sleep.



You’ve probably noticed that everyone seems to have advice. “Try this, it worked for me.” “Try that, my mother-in-law loves it.” We’ll show you clear and workable strategies for taking control of insomnia.

Accountability & Confidence

Even when you know what you need to do, making sleep health changes on your own can be daunting. We will be right beside you along the way, so you can make each step of sleep transformation with confidence. We will hold you accountable, so you can follow through.



We know there is a solution to every sleep problem. Beginning with your discovery session, you receive a concrete plan for achieving your best sleep and your best life through sleep transformation.

Unique Path

You’re not like everyone else. The “cookie-cutter” plan doesn’t work for you. You’ll receive a plan and strategies that make up a tailored sleep solution unique to your specific puzzle of poor sleep.

Expert Support

Every insomnia specialist has advanced training in sleep, insomnia, and other sleep disorders. They know how sleep works and they’ll be your cheerleader and your expert advisor. When you have questions, they’ll have answers.

“I know there’s a solution to every sleep problem. I know this because I’ve helped hundreds of others find their solution. We can show you the path to healthy, natural sleep that energizes you for your best life.”
Insomnia specialist Dr Robert Glidewell
Robert N. Glidewell, PsyD
Founder of The Insomnia Clinic

How does Sleep Recovery Training work?

On average, Sleep Recovery Training involves 6-12 visits with an insomnia specialist. Although your sleep may start to improve in 3-6 weeks, full recovery from insomnia – installing the empowering factors that maximize sleep satisfaction and minimize risk for future insomnia – takes a bit longer.

Sleep Recovery Training almost always includes a course of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for insomnia or CBT-I. CBT-I is a brief, well-researched, non-medication treatment recommended by the American College of Physicians as the initial treatment for chronic insomnia.

10 Sources of Sleep Recovery

During your training program, your insomnia specialist will also show you how to leverage the power of these 10 Sources of Sleep Recovery:


Breaking Down Barriers

Learn the secrets of sleep that give you the power to control insomnia. When you know how sleep works, you can restore a highly satisfying sleep pattern.

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Understanding Sleep and Insomnia

Take effective action to eliminate any barriers to sleep identified during your guided sleep discovery process.


The Ridiculous Art of Doing Nothing

Develop advanced skills for bringing stillness to the mind and body so your natural sleep systems can effortlessly take over at night.

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Enhanced Recovery Demand

Begin using your mind and body throughout the day in a way that generates maximum need for peaceful, restorative sleep.


The Teflon Mind of the Great Sleeper

Uncover the thoughts and beliefs about sleep that fuel insomnia and replace them with those of a great sleeper.


Healthy Sleep Habits

Everyday habits give you the best chance for a good night's sleep. Keeping healthy habits won't fix insomnia, but they will support your sleep recovery.


Drops of Joy: Growing Happiness

Life satisfaction equals sleep satisfaction. Cultivate techniques for building joy and satisfaction in relationships, at work, in your mind, and in your body.

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Sleeping Pill Escape Plan

Working with your prescriber, we help you craft a plan for stopping sleep medication safely while maintaining a satisfying sleep pattern.

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Insomnia Prevention Training

Create a strategy for maintaining optimal sleep long-term in the face of future challenges life will inevitably present.

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